Objavljeno 27. jul. 2018
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Why mom, WHY?!?!


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  • I see what's happening here Never mind

  • Me who's guessing that he(talking about the kid on the game) Is speaking Japanese, and I'm a otaku.. And I want to download this game neehee😏👍✨✨✨

  • Dan:I made him a super hero Me: it’s Jason’s mask Me: does face Palm


  • When grandad put on the mask he turned into Jason Voorgeys

  • “I heard that this game is random, funny and mom is looking pesky” - DanTDM 2018

  • Your meant to say leather

  • not real just for fun but this would be me: MOM! WHERE IS MY PS5?! MY VERY NICE MOM:Under the couch Me: ok


  • I love

  • Z

  • Sa

  • Dan: *turns grandad into an serial killer* Also dad:oh i turned him into an superhero !

  • What if this thing happens too much and the Nintendo console will run out of battery

  • The voice is japanese Weebs: nArUhUdO

  • Under the rug

  • MuM Plz no

  • Little boy: MAMA OOOO

    • @Grand Canyon just you 😂

    • I forgot to add, Me: is it just me, or is the mother attractive

  • If your mom took away your video games then how are you playing the game

  • Every time he loses the child goes "Momma"!

  • I bet your saying i see this comment ever day

  • Dan: I turned him into a superhero! Me: killer actually

  • Wow mom harsh

  • Wait a minute are you a mom.

  • Dan: Today there is going to be no video because *Mom stole my games* *ALSO* Dan: This random game is called *"Mom stole my video games"* ( Pls I don't know if this is copied...Please don't say in the replies "Copied comment" )

  • Ello

  • You are the best SLcdr I know

  • me: BLOW AWAY MOM WITH THE LEAFBLOWER me when I see mom not get blown away: she denied the law of physics

  • My which is to meet u in person so bad

  • Fun fact: the mask is actually a jason mask so it turned him into jason

    • @Chef Gordon mate your here too so you’re also watching 2 years later lol

    • 2 years too late....

  • Dan:How did the police come how did mom get them she’s holding the curtains with two hands Me:grandpa probably got them on you

  • Mentos 🥴

  • Can we just take few seconds to acknowledge the thumbnail

  • naruto fans: ALL MIGHTY PUSH!!!!

  • Superhero….?Mhm

  • Superhero….?Mhm

  • Mom or Mum

  • 😁

  • Hi

  • He melted it with his fumb

  • 17:58 all are ticked tho it shows 0

  • Why did He put mom in the totale and says mum in the vid Just sayin

  • It was a BULLet proof blanket

  • this song proves dan does not know who Jason is

  • I love your videos

  • I have the same game

  • I think that the mom is just trying to make him think to get the game, and then she runs out of ways to make him think and then runs to make him get some exercise in as his last challenge

  • Dan it isn’t a superhero it was a killer.

  • charecters zane aaron aphmau ein pierse pets socs mr nibbles game minecraft

  • I didn't got game over

  • Dan: l Iove the sound effects Captions: l Iove the sound eggs

  • This is normal (I’m not a bot

  • Dan: I can grab it its too high I need someone to help me Me: you need "Your Mom" to help you

  • A🗝☁️🤔

  • Amogus

  • 15:36 24:31 22:42 23:37

  • Do game two

  • Dan, um that is Jason and he is a killer

  • Lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman lordmasonman

  • this video was posted on my birthday

  • Go go to godt school

  • That is grandad pee pillow

  • Omg he has 25 k subs but 25 million views 😂

  • Dan: we’re randomly doing this LOL

  • Hey Dan did you know your grandad didnt threatn you with a stick, it was the snake

  • hey dantdm can you play bendy and the ink mashien at 3:00

  • bro, 26 minutes of some weird mobile game wth

  • 17:59 pretty late but this is a japanese game, and in japan, ticks are used to signify that the answer is incorrect

    • Oh good to know I didn’t know that

  • Dan: There no video today... Me: Then what the heck am I watching an AD?!?!

  • Hi there I hope you are doing well today

  • DanTDM my head is also blue

  • You’re playing the third game

  • 17:44 StInKiN

  • 17:44 StInKiN

  • when dans looking for somthing the chat gose wiald

  • The lucky gorilla resultspreviously tease because cemetery systematically compare until a slimy lung. whimsical, stingy crush

  • Anything play the 1st one to seasons are skilled there too

  • I play this the 1st one i Whatwas the same but is actually different

  • 16:12 you mean think outside the bottle😎😆

  • 14:39 he woofed him to the floor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 9:38 he's not a super hero he's Jason the killer

  • 9:02 she does have a chair :-|

  • 5:22 he didnt push him he tapt him on the shoulder and grandad got scared

  • You didn’t turn him into a superhero you turn them into a serial killer

  • I lave your acsent sooooo mach

  • The clickbiait mann

  • I have that game

  • 25:37 Kid:CAN I have the ds mom? MOM: yes you can son.

  • 0U0

  • ........... why did I click on this

  • The military zephyr postsynaptically cover because pleasure bizarrely pop about a legal anthropology. hallowed, mammoth element

  • wow

  • I came here for some nostalgia

  • 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄Bob bap beep

  • Every time you see the grandpa the ds is under him 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • 7:00 Just turn on the washing machine so you don’t have to be harassed your mom.

  • DanTDM he's not a superhero The mask is a killer mask it made him go killer mode oh no

  • I watched tutorials for levels I don't understand

  • um ok